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Healthy Eating

Please read our School Nutrition and Wellness Policy


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A Message from the Superintendent:

Regarding NCLB

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A Message from the New Jersey Department of Education

Regarding Human Trafficking

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Homeless (McKinney-Vento) Program

The McKinney-Vento Program is designed to minimize the impact of homelessness on children's education. A number of situation qualify as "homeless" under McKinney-Vento definitions, some of which might not be obvious to persons experiencing homelessness. You or someone you care about may be considered homeless under the terms of the McKinney-Vento Act.

    Qualifying conditions can include living:
  • in a shelter
  • with more than one family in a house or apartment
  • in a motel, car or campsite
  • with friends or family members (other than parent/guardian)
  • Children who are determined to be living in a homeless situation receive different kinds of help. For example, children living in a homeless situation can: register without undue delay despite missing some otherwise required paperwork receive free breakfast and lunch If you are living in a situation where you have recently lost your home, you should call your district's homeless liaison.
    Contact Alex Nonnemacher, Homeless Liaison, at 856.728-3945 ext. 5514 for more information. Residency Questionnaire (pdf download)


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